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Miguel Barrio, Director Manager

CR CLASS is a textile editor specialized in design and manufacture of high quality fabrics for interior design.

Its director-manager, Miguel Barrio, has been working in the textile and interior design industry for more than 25 years. His large experience in the sector and its ongoing market research, allow CR CLASS to create fabrics and wallpapers inspired by the lastest fashion trends.

Miguel Barrio, Director Manager & Jesús Couso, Sales Coordinator

Extensive facilities

Carmen Rey, SL Company is located in the industrial park of O Campiño, Pontevedra, Spain. An important strategic area from where we send our deliveries through the Spanish territory within 24/48 hours.

Carmen Rey has 1,000 m2 of facilities which are divided in storing, cutting and dispatching sections. Our company has another 700 m2 section for offices, meeting rooms and showrooms. We acclimatise our facilities by air conditioner to maintain the adequate conservation of our tissue fibres.

The storage system is automatic. The available stock represents more than 50,000 m of fabrics and more than 10,000 of wallpaper rolls. The stock control is presented on storing hives with a modern labelled and remnant disposal unit.

The cutting resources and measurement tools are automatic. In addition, the product packaging is closed by thermal machine and auto-adhesive strip so the product reaches its destination in mint condition.

The customer support department and the order department work through concepts such as commitment, attention and kindness with our customers. Our staff is highly involved because of the job balance and its stability over the time which means high participation and efficiency.

Quality standards

Our collections of fabrics and wallpapers are designed by our creative team who matches with great taste and intelligence materials, colours and feels. The finished products are composed by prestigious sewing factories and printers using premium quality raw materials and being respectful with the environment.

Our fabrics are created with a huge variety of materials, colours and feels to offer a great range of possibilities. Embroideries, prints, sheer fabrics, matte clothes or with gloss and velvet, these and our wallpapers are some of the options that you can find in our collections.

Creativity and Design

Our creative team is deeply involved in the design of each one of our fabrics. They try to improve themselves and surprise everybody with new collections. The creative process is slow and expensive in which one we put our full potential.

This one includes from the inspiration’s and fabric’s design’s research to the selection of the best materials and their manufacture. We are mixing all the time different fabrics and its combinations to make the best match with the latest trend in market. With this our creative team is trying to design products with high quality and adapted to the last trend, with different feels and colours which allow us to create classic and elegant atmospheres besides fresh and modern ones.

The hidden face behind class & style

During the last 25 years we have been trying to transmit our experience and personality through our designs. Each embroidery, upholstery or wallpaper was born with great effort and excitement to offer high quality decorated solutions.

We have presence as national as international. Experience, class and style define CR Class’ philosophy and knowhow which are recognised as the most refined textile editor.

CR Class, what fabric hides.

CR Class in the world

We are located in more than 17 countries around the world: Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Miami, Norway, New York, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Switzerland and Ukraine.

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